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How trail cameras work?

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How easy is the trail camera to setup and use?
The trail camera is very easy to setup and use. the camera has a really neat menu system.

Does the camera come with an SD card?
The offer is cracking offer and does not include the card.

How does the camera work?
The camera is a digital camera, motion detection device and video recorded rolled into one.

What can the camera film?
The camera can film anything from small animals upwards. If it is smaller, you will have to place the camera closer to the subject. If it is larger, you can place the camera further away. The bigger the surface area on the sensor, the easier the camera will detect motion and record to the camera.

Where can you place the camera?
The camera can be placed anywhere. The camera comes with a strap and buckle and can easily be strapped to anything.

Does the camera flash and will this give the location of the camera away or scare the subject?
No, the camera has a sensor and if it is dark, the camera will turn on invisible infra-red lights. This does not flash and does not give anything away.

Can I see the pictures or video on the camera?
Yes, the camera has a small colour screen on the back and it is easy to see the live footage through the camera as well as the shots and video taken.

How easy is the camera to use?
It is very easy to use as it has a small colour screen and easy to use buttons and menu system. Like all gadgets, there is an element of learning however with a bit of experimentation you will get there.

Why is the camera a lot cheaper than others?
The camera is made by a new and developing technology company. It is a lesser known brand than others in the marketplace, however the technology is comparable as other brands.

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