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Science and research

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We have supplied many 100’s of projects from over 60+ of the world’s top universities. The technology has allowed data to be collected for research, monitoring, follow-ups, as well as support for protective legislation and funding applications.

We have helped with:

  • Bovine research – Supplied equipment for world leading research by DEFRA, University of Exeter and ZSL
  • Avian research – For the Max Planck Institute, from rare birds in south America to helping extinction threatened parrots in Australasia to monitoring rare Cornish Choughs at Paradise Park.
  • Wildlife research – Research into rare animals and native species in the UK and around the world
  • Many many more

The technology we supply has gone on to feature in many papers as well as help monitor, learn and hopefully save for the future. We also do like to support all projects for the long term. The more we can help the more you might save.

Choosing the best technology combination for you

At handykam.com we manufacture our own cameras and technology, however there technology that simply cannot produced due to economies of scale. In Science and research, there are requirements that may require the perfect technology selection. We have a wide range of partners and suppliers to choose from. Here is a selection that we can choose from. Partners and suppliers Whatever the project, whatever the location, we can help. Please contact us today 01209 313 579.

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