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What are DVR’S/NVR’s?
These are short for Digital Video Recorders and Network Video Recorders.

How long can the drives record for?
The length of time of recording is determined by:

  • Size of hard drive
  • The number of cameras
  • The length of recording
  • The recording resolution (Bit rate)
  • The frame rate of the footage
  • The resolution of the camera
  • The compression on recording
  • If the recording is day or night (Slightly larger during the day)
  • If the recording includes audio

All these factors when calculated together gives you the length of time of recording. For example:

  • 4 cameras
  • 720p
  • 20FPS
  • 24/7 recording
  • (H.264 – Standard resolution)
    Total space = 777.60GB HD

What is the difference between a NVR and DVR?
A NVR normally is a recording system with the ability to record networked IP cameras. DVR’s normally allow you to record from analogue cameras.

How to connect a camera to an NVR?
NVR’s allow IP cameras to be connected to them. All you do is use a network cable (Cat5 or Cat6) cable and plug it in the camera and then into the NVR. Some NVR’s have POE. This is short for Power Over Ethernet. This means that the recorder can power the camera directly.

How to connect a DVR?
All you do is connect your camera to the DVR. Most used a composite cable with round RCA phono plugs. Just connect the yellow to video in and white to audio. Some have to have a BNC convertor. This is a twist and click connector that fits onto the DVR and allows you to plug in phono plugs into it.

How to network an NVR?
NVR’s are designed to be network. This means that you connect it to your router or server and the drive can be accessed by any device in the network. All you do is connect a network cable (Cat5, Cat6) to the network port on the back of the NVR and then into your router. Before you do this, please make sure your drive is set to DHCP. This will allow the recorder to be seen on the network. Once connected, have a look on your router for connected devices. It should say the IP address of your recorder. Just type this IP address into your browser and you should see the live stream.

Can I access my NVR on my phone?
It all depends which one you have. All our NVR’s have apps you can download and access via phone, tablet or computer.



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