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Get 100% piece of mind knowing who is on your farm at any time. Too many farms suffer the threat of crime and impaired safety. Having a camera system can help you solve these issues. Also, you can keep a perfect eye on livestock too. Having recorded evidence really helps – from rustlers to fly-tippers to miscreants stealing honesty boxes, there is a camera for every occasion.

There are several reports including NFU crime report expecting a rise in farm crime in the next few years – click here to read

Farm crime - The shocking stats

Agriculural machinery theft - 5.4m
Livestock - 2.2m
Land rover theft - 2.1m
ATV theft - 2m

Sadly, a lot of rural crime is left unresolved for lack of evidence. We at handykam.com can help with the best system for your farm. Our systems can help you:

  • Monitor and record the farm in full HD – May even bring your insurance down too
  • Monitor and record livestock – Perfect for lambing, husbandry and vet referral
  • Be accessible on most devices, watch even when you’re away from the farm
  • Streaming for holiday visitors

We have years of experience in cameras and can recommend:

  • The best camera setup
  • Easy to plug in and play systems to full installations
  • FREE help, advice and support

Choosing the best technology combination for you

At handykam.com we manufacture our own cameras and technology, however there technology that simply cannot produced due to economies of scale. In the farming industry there are requirements that may require the perfect technology selection. We have a wide range of partners and suppliers to choose from. Here is a selection that we can choose from.   Please contact us today for the best setup for your farm – 01209 313 579.

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