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Digital IP versus analogue CCTV cameras

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Recently there has been explosion of IP camera technology. What is it and how does it differ to analogue? At handykam.com we have been working with 15 years of analogue and digital IP (Internet Protocol) and we can help compare.

Analogue cameras produce an analogue signal wave to the television via AV or coax cable. IP cameras are different as they are digital from source delivery with a bags full of benefits.

So why digital?


  • Higher quality cameras – The resolution of IP cameras can be 8k and higher giving stunning resolution.
  • Internet and network ready – IP cameras can be viewed anywhere without any extra technology. Computers, phones and tv media are going towards IP, why not make the leap to CCTV cameras.
  • Multiple sensors/multiple streams – The cameras are advanced that they can process multiple streams and deliver them at different platforms to reduce bandwidth and deliver fast.
  • Great remote access and control – Access to the cameras and its settings remotely for greater control
  • Signal can be connected to most networks and encrypted for security – The signal can be ported and encrypted for easy access.
  • Costs have dropped – There has been a massive demand in technology. Manufacturers have increased and chip makers are producing dedicated chips.
  • Ease of installation – IP cameras are easy to install. Most cameras can take power through the data cable (POE – Power Over Ethernet).
  • Intelligence through using advanced analytics.
  • Networks already in place – Ability to work and tap into networks easily including established WIFI.


  • Setup costs – Cost for setup can be a little more as they have to be configured.
  • Storage – Higher resolution requires higher storage.
  • Feature rich/bigger learning curve – The technology needs learning but worth it.



  • Cost – Analogue systems tend to be cheaper
  • Established – There have been many years of using this technology. There are more installers.


  • Frame rate and quality – Frame rate and quality is a lot less than IP cameras.
  • More cables – Most analogue camera need more than one cable.
  • No encryption – The signal can be intercepted easily.

At handykam.com we are experience with 1000+ cameras of all shapes, sizes and technology. We feel that IP CCTV is the future and we can help you get the best system. Whether you want a wildlife camera or CCTV, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.


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