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WIFI mini cam kit – 5MP HD bird box, nest and wildlife camera

£150.00 £120.00 Inc VAT (£100.00 Ex VAT)


Complete wireless camera kit with 1 x 5MP camera, 20m DC cable, 1 x 12v power supply

DC cable upgrade

The kit comes with 20m standard cable. Select to swap for a longer cable.

Upgrade? Add a wired network pack

Add a 20m and 10m network cable and power supply POE for wired option

Upgrade? Add a camera bird box?

Add a hand made rustic camera bird box with hole sizers.

Upgrade? Add data of mains (Powerline)

Add plugs to allow data over mains. ie if router is in a different part of the house

Upgrade? Recording

Add recording option to your kit.


BRAND NEW – Order now. Perfect for a gift to someone or yourself.

Enjoy birds, owls, hedgehogs, bats and all wildlife 24/7 in high definition colour, night vision and audio, wirelessly on any device.

Watch and share every movement either LIVE or recorded from this plug in and play technology. This is a perfect gift for anyone who has wildlife and JAM packed full of features:

Perfect for:

  • Perfect gift – Lovely surprise for all ages everywhere

  • Perfect for wildlife – Ideal for bird boxes, owl boxes, mammal boxes, bat boxes and loads more

  • Perfect 5MP upgrade – Perfect for upgrading your existing camera

  • Perfect viewing – Wildlife monitoring domestically or professionally

JAM packed full of features:

  • 24/7 HD viewing – Watch every detail in full HD 5MP colour. Crystal clear night vision with audio adjustment for best picture

  • Built in SD card record – Motion or scheduled recording with remote retrieval

  • Wifi – View and record on phone/tablet via WIFI or connect to you home WIFI to view on any device

Perfect camera for watching wildlife

This camera includes the latest and best technology today and is a perfect way of watching and enjoying wildlife. With over 10 years in development it is jam packed with useful features offering complete flexibility.

Use HD camera in:

  • Birds – Bird boxes, tables, feeding stations

  • Owls and birds of prey – Boxes, platforms and posts

  • Bats – Bat boxes and roosts

  • Hedgehogs – Boxes, habitats and feeding stations

  • Mammals – Boxes, holes, nests, dens

  • Bees – Hives and boxes

  • Science and ecology – Monitoring and habitat management


  • 1 x 5MP IP WIFI camera

  • 1 x Swivel and tilt bracket

  • 1 x 20m DC cable

  • 1 x 12v power supply

  • 1 x Quick start guide

  • 1 YEAR Guarantee + FREE support and downloads

Upgrade options (Select in options):

  • Home wired network pack – 2 x network cables and power pack (POE)

  • WIFI booster – Connects to your WIFI

  • WIFI over mains plugs – Connects camera to router through mains

  • Remote kit – Includes a battery cable and charger

  • Components – Cables etc

FREE iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet app.

Fully compatible with apple and android products with FREE app. Also view in your computer browser too.

Compatible iphone and android

How does it work

The 5MP wifi camera is amazingly easy to use and setup. It is so flexible, it can be used on its own or part of your WIFI network. Here are some options for setups available with this technology. The first two are standard with the kit, the remaining options will include the first two as well as the upgrade giving you more options for now and future.

Option 1) Direct WIFI connection (Mains power)

The camera can transmit its own WIFI network and you can pick this up on any device – Android, MAC, PC device.

  1. Plug in the camera to the DC cable and power supply.
  2. Download the FREE app on your phone. Use your phone and look at the WIFI.
  3. Connect to the camera WIFI
  4. Away you go

Option 2) Wireless through router connection

The camera can connect to most WIFI networks. The camera connects to the nearest outdoor power point. All you need is a signal and password and you are away.

  1. Plug in the camera to the DC cable and power supply.
  2. Use your phone and find the cameras WIFI and connect to it.
  3. Use the software to find your home WIFI. It will then lock onto this.
  4. Download the FREE app on your phone.
  5. The software will find your camera on your network.
  6. Away you go

Option 3) Wired to router then wireless connection (Upgrade by adding wired network pack option)

The camera can connect to most networks. The camera connects to a special power supply that then connects to your router. All you need is a signal and password and you are away.

  1. Plug in the camera to the cable and power supply (POE).
  2. Plug the POE to your router.
  3. Download the FREE app on your phone.
  4. The software will find your camera on your network.
  5. Away you go

If you want to connect to the router, but the router is in another part of the house, you will need the data over mains plugs.

Option 4) Remote WIFI connection – (Upgrade by adding the remote pack option)

This is where you can connect a battery and use built in WIFI. This is perfect for remotely monitoring boxes or habitats.

  1. Plug in the camera to the DC cable the battery pack.
  2. Use your phone and connect the cameras WIFI and connect to it.
  3. Download the FREE app on your phone.
  4. Away you go

Video demos

Click left/right arrows for video demos of the camera and its features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  • Stock says it is coming, when will arrive?
    This technology is brand new and we are just pre-selling the new batch of cameras. These will be ready in a couple of weeks and shipped out. So order today and reserve yours.
  • If I choose the wrong option, can I change or add to it?
    Yes certainly, we can do this, just get the kit, have a look and let us know
  • Do I need to be tech head to set this up?
    No not really, we have had customers in their 80’s networking cameras. Our technology is plug in and play and suitable for most non technical. If you network is a bit complex you can ask us or get an IT person to give you a hand.
  • What is the guarantee?
    Normally, we don’t have problem with our technology, but if you had a problem, contact us for help. All items have 1 years guarantee and extended life time support.

Camera setup

  • How easy is this to set up?
    The WIFI camera kit is really easy. All you do is plug in the camera, download the app on your phone and then connect to the wifi.
  • Can I use my WIFI?
    Yes you can connect the camera to your WIFI network. All you do is connect the camera to power, connect the camera WIFI and then connect to your WIFI.
  • How strong is the WIFI?
    The WIFI from the camera is very strong and can connect upto 50m line of site. If you want to connect to your WIFI, connect your phone to your network and then walk out to where you are going to use the camera and check the strength of the camera. If your house WIFI is not that strong, you can boost your WIFI with the WIFI booster option.
  • Is the app FREE?
    Yes there is an app for the MacOS and android devices. It is FREE to download and use.

Camera details

  • Is this completely wireless?
    The kit comes with a DC cable and power supply to connect to the nearest power point ie shed etc. If you want a complete remote system add the remote kit as this will include a battery that will last several hours.
  • Can I use the camera outdoors?
    The camera is designed to be in a bird box or nest box and not outdoor rated. If you are planning to use it outdoors, pop the camera in a box to protect from the rain.
  • How does the camera record?
    If you add a micro SD card to your order, you can then pop it into the camera. The camera can be set to record when there is motion or on a shedual. You can then use your app to view and download the footage. If you want longer recording or would like to view it on your TV, you add a Network Video Recorder (NVR) to your order.
  • Do I need to take the SD card out to view the recording?
    No, when you use your app, you can view and download the footage. When the card is full you can get it to overwrite the footage.
  • How do I mount the camera?
    The camera has a swivel and tilt mount. Just screw it to the inside of the box. You can then loosen and position the camera by loosing with the finger nut.

Additional information

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