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Owl box only – Camera ready – HK100007


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Watch and save owls by giving them a lovely home. With our ever-changing environment, there is a desperate need to have suitable nesting sites for owls. Now you are able to help create a sanctuary for your owl with a external owl box.

The box

The design of the box was a slightly adapted version of the official Barn Owl Trust design. The Barn Owl Trust are the world authorities on barn owls and their conservation. We were pleased to be allowed to use the design for our boxes. They have developed a nest box design that increases the chances of attracting barn owls and encouraging them to raise their brood. The design includes a special tray that can help owlets climb up the tree, land on the roof and jump back into the box if they fall out.

The features of the box are:

  • Owl attractive and friendly size and shape
  • Owlet safety tray or landing platform
  • Hinged service hatch
  • Mounting bar, hooks and bolts for easy installation
  • Waterproof joints and overhanging roof to keep box dry
  • Ventilation holes in base
  • Camera ready modification with cable trunking

The boxes are well constructed and are designed to be placed in trees in all weathers.

  • Pressure treated FSC 12mm plywood
  • Stainless steel screws
  • Glued for extra rigidity
  • Felted roof with 25 year polymer roofing felt
  • Sealed plywood edges and joints


Installing a owl box may require a couple of people. The box is solid and quite heavy so you will probably need ladders, ropes etc. All you have to do is choose a good nesting site, near an owl friendly feeding ground, on a large tree with exposed trunk and rough bark. Owls need to be able to fly in and out the box and owlets need a rough bark trunk in order to climb up. The Barn Owl Trust has a great article on this – Click here lift the box into the tree by using ropes on the hooks provided. Attach it to the tree either by mounting bracket, bolts, straps. Once installed, just leave it up ready for the owls. The box is supplied camera ready, so if you were to put a camera kit in there at a later date, then this will be very easy. Alternatively, click here if you do want an owl box and camera.

The Barn Owl Trust

Thank you to the Barn Owl Trust for their help and advice. Have a look at their wonderful website, you find a lot of good background information on Owl boxes. Also, if you can, please make a small donation as they are a charity. Barn Owl information. Barn Owl donation. Don’t forget, the box may be suitable for other types of owls and large birds too. Keep an eye out for these is months to come.

Amazing value

This is a perfect for nature enthusiast and educational projects.

Additional information

Weight 15.00 kg
With camera kit?

No – box only, 700TVL wired colour with 20m cable, 700TVL wired colour with 50m cable, 700TVL colour digital wireless


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