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FAQ – WIFI IP camera

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This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) relates to our WIFI camera.

General questions

What does IP stand for?
IP stands for Internet Protocol. Its a technical name for a network ready camera.

Is the camera WIFI or wired?
In fact the camera is both. When you first setup, you will setup using WIFI. If the camera is near your router, you can connect it to your network using a network kit. This allows the signal to travel along the network cable rather than WIFI.

Is the camera waterproof?
The camera is rated for indoor use only. If you want to use it outdoors, we would suggest that you pop the camera and its connectors in a waterproof box.

Can the camera see in the dark?
Yes it has night vision which automatically turns on and off giving you crisp b/w night vision.

Does the camera have audio?
Yes the camera has a high quality audio. In the app you can turn it on by ticking the speaker icon.

What are the connections on the camera?
The WIFI camera has 2 plugs on it. One plug is for 12v power supply. If you buy a kit you will get a power supply and cable included. Simply plug the power supply to the cable and it will power the camera. The other plug is a network POE adapter. This allows you to connect the camera directly via cat5/cat6 direct to your network. If you power it from network end, you can use POE adapter. This allows power to be pushed down the camera and the data back so you don’t have to power it separately with 12v.

WIFI questions

Does the camera have its own WIFI?
Yes. When you first plug in your camera to the mains it will create its own WIFI network and transmit straight away. You can then use the app (CamHi) to connect to it. Once you connect to it, you can then get the camera to ‘hop’ onto your home WIFI. The reason for this is that the camera can be found easily.

How do I connect to the camera WIFI?
All you do is download the app on your device. Make sure your camera has power on and wait 5 mins for it setup. Then go to your WIFI settings for your device. Scan for wifi networks to connect. You should see the cameras WIFI as it starts with IPCAM-XXXXX (Then a unique number). Connect to the camera.

I powered up the camera but I cannot see the WIFI?
Just wait a few moments and the camera WIFI should appear. All you do is plug the camera into the power supply. If you are using a DC cable, just ignore this first and connect the power supply directly to the camera. After a few moments of plugging in, you will hear a slight click as well the camera will start to warm up. Then go to your WIFI settings of your device and it should show the camera WIFI – IPCAM-XXXXX (Then a unique number).

If it doesn’t, may be because the camera has been plugged into the network. When the camera is plugged into a network the WIFI will stop. If you want the WIFI to come back, you will need to find the IP address of the camera and reset the camera. Please see section on resetting the camera.

I have plugged the camera into the network and cannot see the WIFI?
Yes, when you plug the camera into your network. ie router or switch, the camera will revert to a ‘Wired’ connection and disconnect the WIFI option. To get your WIFI back, you will need to find the camera on the network. The camera will have an IP address. If you cannot find the camera then you can use this software – download here (PC only). Once you know the IP address, type this into your browser and then go to settings and re-set the camera. Don’t forget to disconnect from the network quickly and WIFI will come back on.

Can I have the camera on the same WIFI as all my devices?
Yes you can. All you do is connect the camera to its WIFI. Then, you can go to the settings and then get the camera to detect the home WIFI. It will ask for your WIFI password. This is normally printed on your router. Once it is connected to your WIFI it will stop its own WIFI.

App questions

What app does the camera use?
Our camera uses CamHi app. It is FREE and available at the apple store or android play store. The camera use a protocol called ONVIF which means other apps can detect or connect to it too.

The CamHi app for android is available here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hichip&hl=en_GB

The CamHi app for Mac Os is available here: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/camhi/id979100289 

Is the app FREE?
Yes the app is FREE to download and use and has no adverts too.

Can I view the camera anywhere using the app?
Yes, once the camera is connected to your network and you have connected your device to the app, you will be able to view it even away from your home.

Can I use other apps?
Yes, the camera is of a high standard using ONVIF protocol. This means it can be viewed on many apps as well as NVR’s. Although, using the CamHi app is preferred as it can access the recordings as well as other features. Other apps may have limited features.

If I wanted to use another app, what is the settings?
Yes, the camera is based on ONVIF technology. This means that it accesses the camera via special stream called RTSP. Therefore,

 The RTSP pull string for the camera is:
  • Please change
    • Where admin/admin (In red) are your user and password.
    • The ip address (in green) also has to match your ip address
  • Please note
    • The port on the camera (connection) is 554 as standard
    • You won’t be able to view this directly in a browser using this URL. You will use the normal. ie and the control panel may appear.

Viewing via app or browser

Can I view the camera anywhere away from my home?
Yes, when you have got the camera to ‘hop’ onto your wifi and connected to your device, you will be able to access anywhere.

Can I view the camera anywhere using a browser?
Yes you can. However, your router may need to be configured to allow it to be seen to the outside world. This does involve a bit of configuration so may be better to use the app as this does not need any configuration.

Can I see the camera through a browser?
Yes you can, the camera supports html 5 and can be seen in most browsers without a plugin on your network. If you are wanting to view away from home, you will need to configure your router to ‘port forward’. Therefore, most opt to watch the camera through the app as there is no configuration.

Can a relative view the camera live?
You can certainly allow another family member to view the LIVE feed, but first they will need bring their device to your home, connect to your WIFI. Download the app and then detect the camera. They will then be able to see the camera away from your home too.

Can I view the camera on my TV?
It depends if your TV is a smart TV. If it can view the camera, then this will be fine. However, some cannot. The best way is to use a screen casting device to cast your mobile to your TV. If you want a more permanent solution, then I would suggest getting a NVR as this will allow you to connect the camera to the TV as well as background record.


Can the camera record?
If you insert an SD card. Anything from 1G – 128G (Class 10) then change the settings, you will be able to automatically record when there is motion. Or, if you are using the app, you can then press record video or stills using the app. You can then review the recordings via your phone without taking the card out. You can also record directly on the phone with the LIVE view. This is useful if you quickly spot something.

I would like to record all the time. Can I do this?
Yes, what you need is a NVR, network Video Recorder which plugs into your network and allows you to record all the time. If you are planning to record the camera, it has to be either connected directly to the camera, or the camera must be set to the same WIFI as the recorder. This is easily done is the settings.


Can I re-focus the camera?
Yes, all you do is gently hold the end of the lens and turn. Use your phone or tablet to get the focus just right. A good tip is to place a bit of newspaper/newsprint at the desired level so you can refocus on the text to make it crisp.

How do I focus the camera if it is in a box?
It is better to focus the camera out of the box. All you do is measure the distance away from the lens to the nest (Give an allowance for nest hight) and then hold the camera over newsprint and refocus at a similar distance. This is easier and safer.

Night vision

The camera is on, but can’t see the lights on the front?
The LED’s around the lens are infra-red LED’s. These are invisible to the eye and allow the camera to see in the dark. The  switching of these is determined by the light sensor under the lens. When it gets dark (around 1Lux) the LED’s will turn on and the camera will see in the dark in black and white or infra-red mode.

A dawn or dusk the camera goes a strange red colour before switching over to IR?
Yes this is normal. The camera is still seeing in colour mode and not dark enough to go in infra-red mode. Just wait for the camera to switch over. The redness comes from an IR filter that is in the camera, as soon as it gets dark the filter moves away and camera can see in black and white.


What bracket should I choose?
We include two brackets. A swivel and tilt bracket and a C shape bracket. Either can be used depending on which one you prefer for your filming. With the C shape bracket, you will find two small screws taped to card. be careful when using these. Try to put the bracket on while the camera is on an empty table, this way if you drop a screw, it can be easily found.

Can I put the camera outdoors?
The camera is rated for indoors or somewhere where there is no moisture. If you want to use it outdoors, pop the camera in a small box and allow the lens/LED’s exposed.




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