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Steps to fitting an owl box camera

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Every year we supply many hundreds of camera systems allowing people to watch and monitor owls either around the home or in remote locations. Before you fit a camera check the following:

  1. Keep an eye on the box for a period of time to see if it being used
  2. Get hold of a couple of wildlife organisations and they will help on how to maintain your box and recording details for important national statics. They will also let you know when you can approach a box to record detail. Disturbing owls in a box is illegal and does require a licence, so be very careful and always follow official guidelines.
  3. When there is no movement within and around the box, it may be a good time to inspect the box. Please confirm this with the Barn Owl charities when this the best time. They may be able to do this for you.
  4. Check the box carefully as there may be owls in there. No is a good to time to do any repairs.
  5. In order to fully fit the box, this is normally easier on the ground. You can then move the camera around easily.
  6. Fully test the camera to position in the best part of the box. It is far easier get the address and timing how long your are driving or
  7. Look how you are going to mount. Most systems are straight forward. Modify the box for cables.
  8. When installing, make sure you keep calm, steady and do a good job.
  9. Try to test the camera position to see if anything is standing
  10. Plug in, configure, enjoy and monitor

The more we can follow the correct steps, there is a lesser chance of problems along the way. Please have a look at our owl monitoring system. We also get a gift I like an HD owl camera kit.

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