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Education – Universities, colleges, schools and nurseries

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Over the past ten years, specialising in cameras, we have supplied 1000’s of students, 100’s of schools and 60+ top universities around the world. We are keen to offer handykam.com technology in education. To demonstrate this, we are offering special discounts.

Stats on education

Students - Over 1000+ students using our technology
Schools - Over 100+ schools of all background
Universities - 60+ top world universities

Choosing the best technology combination for you

At handykam.com we manufacture our own cameras and technology, however there technology that simply cannot produced due to economies of scale. In education there are requirements that may need the perfect technology selection. We have a wide range of partners and suppliers to choose from. Here is a selection that we can choose from. Partners and suppliers Recently there is a huge drive for rewilding education – using the outdoor to extend indoors. All of our products have been used at every level of education. They offer huge benefits and make a closer connection to the natural world around us. We are keen to work with all schools, colleges and education establishments. To show our commitment to a newer generation of ecologists and scientists, we are offering premium discounts. Please contact us and see how we can help.

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