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Springwatch cameras

by hk

Over 13 years the BBC have brought to us the best in UK wildlife has to offer. Each year around the end of May for 3 weeks, they have produced a popular LIVE wildlife series highlighting the seasonal change in wildlife. One of the most prevalent features of the show is the LIVE cameras that are streamed online every day.

Springwatch cameras
At handykam.com we have been lucky enough to have supplied several of the cameras in the past. However, the cameras and technology today is normally a mixture of broadcast cameras and modified (Home Brew Style) cameras, technology to get the best views possible. The cameras are not ‘off the shelf’ as they are modified for each shot including dedicated lighting rigs. However, saying this, you can get very similar results with high end handykam.com cameras. We offer a full range of HD IP cameras that give similar results at a fraction of the costs. One such a good camera is the HD IP mini dome camera. Please see here. http://handykam.com/product/4mp-colour-outdoor-mini-dome-ip-camera-camera-kit-hk101179w/ Don’t take our word for it, please have a look at the amazing results filmed by Kate Macrae http://www.wildlifekate.co.uk/my-blog/4588864364

Specialist wildlife cameras
We are specialist wildlife camera suppliers and over 10 years’ experience suppling many of the top projects around. So, whether you are planning to film blue tits, owls, badgers or more, please feel free to check out our cameras or giving us a call. We will be happy to help to get that Springwatch like experience. Check out our website or call us today on 01209 313 579 and we will be happy to help.

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