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FAQ – IP cameras

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What is IP stand for?
IP stands for Internet Protocol. Its a fancy name for digital camera.

Why choose IP technology?
IP or analogue is the trade off between price, quality and flexibility. Here are the differences:

IP cameras pluses

   Higher definition
   Flexible to view
   Easier to stream

IP camera minuses

   Cost a little more
   Some systems may need technical assistance

Analogue camera pluses 

   Prices can be lower
   Wider options

Analogue camera minuses

   Lower resolution
   Separate power cable needed
   Harder to view on platforms

Do I need the internet for IP cameras to work?
No you don’t need the internet. You can just plug your camera into a computer. However, it you want the camera to be view-able on all devices then you need to connect your camera to a router. You only need internet access if you are wanting to view the camera outside your home.

I am non technical. Can I fit an IP camera myself?
Yes, just follow the instructions that come with the system. We pre-configure everything so you can find the camera easily. If you are stuck you can always ask someone you know that has computer knowledge to help you.

How do I view the IP camera on my phone, tablet etc?
Yes, connect your camera to the router. If your phone, tablet etc is connected to the same router you should be able to view the camera. All you do is download the free app.

How is the camera powered?
The camera is powered by either:

  • Power supply (POE injector). This pushes the power down the one cable and then the data back to the router
  • From a recorder (NVR – Network Video Recorder) The camera is powered from the recorder down the cable and the data is sent back down the same cable to the recorder

How do I see the camera on my device
Once you have connected your camera to a router. You can install an app and search for the camera or if you are viewing on a computer, you can find the camera and then view it.

Wired or wireless IP cameras?
We always recommend going for wired as it can be easier to power and connect. If you want to go wireless, there are a number of options.

  • WIFI over mains – As you already have mains wiring, data can be transmitted safely over this. All you do is plug the camera into a special mains adapter/plug. The signal then gets sent across your mains wiring in your house to wherever your router is. You then plug in another adapter and connect this to your router.
  • WIFI – We supply a WIFI adapter that plugs into your mains and connects, boosts your existing WIFI.

Beware of camera with built in WIFI as they can have either poor WIFI or hard to connect. The options above give you the best of all worlds.

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