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Over 10 years we have supplied some of the top conservation organisations and projects around the world. We supply the technology and support the projects with expertise and favourable prices.

We offer a full range of time-lapse, or live streaming camera technology for:

  • Construction and renovation projects
  • Event setups
  • Film set construction
  • Landscaping and design

We have helped with:

  • Trail cameras to spot, provide evidence and help conserve
  • CCTV systems to help monitor and protect
  • Systems to engage visitors without disturbing the fauna involved
  • Online access for funders to see their contributions in action
  • Bespoke technology for wildlife husbandry


Choosing the best technology combination for you

At handykam.com we manufacture our own cameras and technology, however there technology that simply cannot produced due to economies of scale. In conservation there are requirements that may require the perfect technology selection. We have a wide range of partners and suppliers to choose from. Here is a selection that we can choose from. Partners and suppliers   Whatever your project, please feel free to contact us and see how camera technology can help your conservation project. The more we can help, the more we can save. 01209 313 579.

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