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FAQ – Wired small analogue camera

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How do I focus the camera?
You focus the camera by simply turning the lens like a camera lens. If it does not move, it may have a small grub screw securing the lens to the camera. This can be undone by using a small star screwdriver.

Will it fit in my bird box?
The camera is really small and can be used in most boxes. See specs for details. The main things to check if the camera can fit and the correct lens can view enough of the area.

Is it compatible with my cable?
We would always recommend using our cables as they have been tested and work well with our cameras. This depends on your cable. Most composite cables are ok as they carry power (12v) to the camera and send video and audio back down the same cable. The connectors are standard RCA jacks and the power socket is 5.5mm outer 2.1mm inner.

This is a wired camera, do you have wireless one?
All cameras tend to be wired, but then get converted by using a separate transmitter.

Can I use my own power supply?
We would always recommend using our power supplies as they are built to the latest standards and specifications. Power supplies come in various voltages and amperages. It is always important to use the correct power supply.

Can you see the LED’s, will they effect the birds?
The camera produces a very dull glow. It is hard for you to see and possess no threat to birds and animals.

What do I do with the cable and connectors?
When the connectors are fitted to the camera, ideally they should be either under cover or placed in conduit to protect from elements. Failing all this, you can get one of our camera nest boxes as they come with a camera mount.

Can you turn off the audio?
There is no button as such for this. The only way to do this is to disconnect this from the white connected either at the camera or viewing end.

Can I connect the camera to a computer?
The camera is AV or TV ready. In order to connect to a computer or network (tablet, phone). You can either use a:

  • USB device to digitise the signal into a computer
  • IP convertor – This converts the signal into a digital signal by connecting the camera to your router. Any device in your network will be able to see and use the camera.
  • Steaming box – This device digitises the signal and it allows the camera to be seen anywhere in the world
    Please contact us for more information.

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