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Winterwatch 2018 is here

by hk

Every year, without fail, the UK waits with baited breath for the next instalment of Springwatch and Autumnwatch. Chasing on its heals is its little brother – Winterwatch, which has transformed itself into something equally exciting. Originally one show, but this has now been extended to 4 LIVE in a series!

If you have not seen it before, it is a unique LIVE format where BBC presenters Chris Packham, Michaela Strachan, Martin Hughes-Games and Gillian Burke introduce the best of British wildlife straight to your screens. It features upto 50 LIVE cameras looking at nests, habitats and various interesting wildlife. The footage comes from a hard working dedicated camera crew (Upto 100 people), allowing this unique event to happen. Even if you are not an experienced Birder or Naturalist, you will soon be transfixed by the day to day goings on of the wildlife, spliced in with in depth knowledge and humour too.

Check it out. It starts on BBC2 – 9PM January 29th. Thank you Beeb for an excellent series. All at HK

Find out more:
On twitter – https://twitter.com/bbcspringwatch
LINK to LIVE cams coming soon.

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