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Rural crime hits 44.5m – Farm CCTV is the key

by hk

Rural crime has reached the dizzy heights of 44.5m apparently in the latest rural report by the NFU. Individuals to specialist gangs are targeting rural areas and farms for their expensive machinery and vehicles.

The Rural Crime Report is written every year highlighting the state of the nation for crime. In the report they break down the extent of the crime. They also say about hi-tech (CCTV) and low-tech (build earth banks) methods of protecting your equipment.

The rise in rural crime has also got the government attention, setting out a countrywide police strategy to help tackle the situation. But, it is advisable to take action now with your own CCTV system.

  • Agricultural vehicles
    2016 = 5.4m
    2017 = 5.9m
  • Land drover defender
    2016 = 2.1m
    2017 = 1.9m
  • Quad/ATV
    2016 = 2m
    2017 = 2.3m
  • Livestock
    2016 = 2.2m
    2017 = 2.4m

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NFU Rural Crime Report
Governmental initiative


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