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Trail camera bracket – Swivel and tilt easy mount for most trail cameras HK101202

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Easy mount trail camera bracket

Mounting a trail camera has never been easier with this mount/bracket. Simply screw it in a tree, attach to the trail camera with the thumb knob and swivel/tilt the camera into a desired position and away you go.


  • Easy mount system
  • Screws into trees and stakes easily
  • Swivel and tilt easily
  • Loads more..

Ideal for:

  • Virtually all trail cameras
  • Single users or research projects
  • All ages
  • Loads more…

Get the best angle

The trail camera mount/bracket is a perfect companion for any trail camera. They are perfect as you can install them in most locations in minutes. If you cannot find a nearest tree, then take a small wooden stake with you. You can then hammer this into the ground and mount easily. The easy positioning allows you get the best angle and help keep the rain off the lens too. With most trail cameras, you get a strap. They are good, however they can be really fiddly to use and install especially when it is bitterly cold and need to do it quickly. Another big issue with camera straps is that you have to undo the whole strap to get to the camera. Also, they can be hard to get into position and tilt properly. The best solution is this handykam.com trail camera bracket.

Installs easily and flexible.

In order to install, all you do is:

  • Roughly place the camera and point towards where you want to film
  • Screw bracket into a tree or stake
  • Attach camera by spinning bolt onto bottom of the camera
  • Loosen the wing nut on the side of bracket
  • Swivel and tilt camera into position
  • Tighten wing nut
  • Away you go


Most trail cameras have a threaded socket mount on them. This is normally the same as camera tripod mount (1/4-20 UNC threads). This mount will be full compatible with this. We have tried it on most brands and a perfect:

  • Bushnell trail camera mount
  • Ltl Acorn trail camera mount
  • Spypoint trail camera mount
  • Browning trail camera mount
  • Reconyx trail camera mount
  • Many more…

Go for it and order one for each of your trail cameras today.

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