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Rustic bird box only – Camera ready for most birds – HK100724

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This high quality, inexpensive, hand built nest box will allow you to watch birds nesting secretly inside a bird box in your garden.

Camera nest box with a difference

Our nest boxes are made specifically for all types of song birds in mind. With this box you have the option for using it as a bird box or turn it easily into a camera nest box. The box can either be used with one of our specially engineered camera kits or by using one of your own. It’s easy to use and install.


  • Well built to last
  • Ideal for all types of camera
  • Ideal gift for all family
  • Handmade in Cornwall

Ideal for

  • All types of native songbird
  • Any type of garden
  • Most camera systems
  • UK, European and world birds

Lovely included features

  • The hand crafted, unique designed bird box
  • Fully assembled, strong 19mm FSC cedar nest box
  • Well made and unique design to stay dry and warm with ventilation too
  • Full recommended nest box size (Specifications by BTO, RSPB etc)
  • Bird friendly untreated inside, hand finished, non toxic teak oil treated outside
  • High performance mineral felted roof with 20 years life expectancy
  • 2 x Resin windows for better light and colour
  • Well built with 14 x 24mm Stainless steel screws not stapled together like most boxes
  • Hinged roof for quick access and NEW improved robust latch
  • Camera nest box ready. All you will need to do is add the camera – Handykam camera kits available.
  • False ceiling (Or inner ceiling/cable tray) for placing cables well away from birds.
  • Camera can be placed either on the side (Pre-drilled hole) or attached to on a false ceiling (Or cable tray) within the box.
  • Ideal floor size drilled for extra dryness and ventilation
  • Entrance hole 125mm above base to stop predators grabbing eggs or chics
  • Thick construction for extra insulation
  • Well finished with natural untreated finish
  • Removeable panels for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • False ceiling (Or inner ceiling)
  • Optional fixing kit and optional hole protectors


Two frosted resin windows. After extensive research and development, we have included two windows on either side of the nestbox.They are designed to let enough natural light for the camera to film in colour without disturbing the birds. If there are no windows, the nestbox would be dark and therefore only allow black and white/Infra-red pictures.

Put your nestbox up any time

Different birds nest at different times, often having multiple clutches throughout the season. They also use nest boxes to hide in, shelter and roost in. Some take a while to get used to a new home. It’s never too late or the “wrong time” to put up a nestbox. Go on, treat your birds to a new home today.

Additional information

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