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RemoteKam – Remote solar wireless HD camera system – HK101255




Exclusive product from handykam.com

Watch full HD realtime upto 5KM’s away* on any device. This unique, high quality, low cost technology will help you remotely keep an eye on wildlife easily. This new technology is called RemoteKam and it is exclusively developed and sold by handykam.com.

RemoteKam outline video – Ideal for researchers and conservation


  • HD LIVE streams – Stream HD cameras upto 5KM away*
  • Remotely powered – Self powered green solar technology
  • Full control – Turn on & off by mobile

Perfect for:

  • Bird watching – Nest and nest box monitoring and streaming
  • Wildlife watching – Wildlife monitoring and streaming
  • Research and conservation – Monitor, learn and conserve

How does it work

In principle, the system is very easy to setup and use.  Simply this is how it works:

  1. Pop the camera, transmitter, solar panel and GSM switch up in a tree or pole.
  2. Text the mobile number to turn the system on.
  3. The camera will then stream 24/7 until you text again and switch it off.
  4. The transmitter will send the stream upto 5KM to the receiver.
  5. The receiver plugs into your router or network and you will be able to see the stream on any device. Also you will have the option to share the LIVE footage with the world….it is that easy.

We use the best technology to give you the best results. Here is a diagram to explain how it works in a bit more detail:

  • The camera streams all the time, but it is controlled by texting (1) the SMS switch (2).
  • You can turn the whole system on and off, giving you full control at any stage.
  • Once the system is on, it turns the control box (3), camera (5) and transmitter (6) on.
  • The HD signal is then transmitted upto 5KM away (line of sight).
  • The transmitted signal is captured continuously by the receiver (7) and when connected network or router (9), will allow you to view on any device (10).
  • You can then choose to share this stream on the web or not.

What’s included

The comprehensive system includes the following:

  • 1 x HD camera (Options available – Please see options below)
  • 1 x Digital transmission
    • Digital transmitter
    • 1 x Digital receiver
  • 1 x GSM controller
    • 1 x SIM card with credit
  • 1 x Control box
    • 1 x Waterproof box
    • 1 x Deep cycle battery
    • 1 x Solar controller
    • 1 x 10m Lan cable with POE (Connects to the transmitter)
    • 1 x power convertor
    • 1 x 10m DC cable to power the camera (Connects to the transmitter)
    • 1 x 10m DC cable (connects to the GSM controller)
    • Fuses
  • 1 x 100W solar panel
    • 2 x cables with connectors to the battery
  • Various other smaller cables, connectors and parts
  • FREE delivery worth £60

How to install

The remotekam system comes pre-connected.Everything is supplied virtually in a plug in and play format.

In order to install, all you do is:

1) Plug in and mount the camera.
2) Plug in and mount the transmitter and receiver.
3) Plug in and mount the solar panel.
4) Connect the receiver to the router/switch.
5) Connect the terminals upto the battery.
6) Text the GSM controller.
7) Away you go.

Everything is very easy to install and used. We have tried to make this process as easy as possible.

Proven and unique

Developed over a few years, we have a put together a system that has been used successfully on different projects including:

  • Osprey nest cam in Scotland
  • Natural history project Winchester
  • Raptor nest camera in the lake district
  • Owl box monitoring in
  • Cattle monitoring camera in Yorkshire
  • And several more..

The RemoteKam is perfect for:

  • Wildlife parks and zoos – Monitoring from the remotest of areas
  • Research projects – Give your research the edge with a live insight
  • Conservation projects and org – Monitoring and share your important work
  • Schools and colleges – Inspiring the next generation to dip toes into natural world
  • Holiday resorts and parks – Add an extra dimension to your visitors stay
  • Farms and small holdings – Watch wildlife, livestock, lambing, calving and lots more
  • Homes – Enjoy from the comfort of your armchair

Go for it….get yours today

Join the many who are using the Remotekam. Whatever your project, this will be very useful. Still unsure, please feel free to contact us today on +44 (0) 1209 313 579.

Options: Camera

The system comes with a 2MP fixed outdoor camera but there are many options available. Here is a comparison table:

[table id=1 /]

Options: NVR recorder

In order to record the footage, you will need a recorder. This is a specially designed and configured recorder that can record either 24/7 or on motion. The recorders are designed to take upto 4 cameras at once and allow you to see them in split screen. You can either have a recorder with 1TB of space or 4TB of space.

Options: Solar monitor

This device is perfect for monitoring the power going into and out of the battery. It will also give you the details on how much is left in the battery. A perfect add-on for keeping an eye on your technology.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need power at the camera end?

No, the system is designed to be powered by a battery and the battery which is topped up by solar power. This gives you ultimate flexibility.

How long will the battery last?

It all depends on the camera and the hours you want to run the camera. Normally, if you leave the system on all the time, it will last a week. However, it is good to turn the camera on and off to conserve power. The solar will gently top up the power on the battery.

How high up the tree do I need the solar?

The solar panel can go as high as you like upto 10m. It is better to place it pointing in a clear space in a tree.

Does the system only work when there is movement?

The camera is designed to stream all the time when it is on. If you choose an NVR, you can set this to record only when there is movement

What cameras can you use with the system?

We have designed it for the cameras we use. The standard is the outdoor 2MP IP camera. However, you can select the camera from the drop down menu. For example, you could choose a small mini dome camera that can be placed in an owl box.

Can I use an existing camera with the system?

The cameras we supply are 100% compatible. Please contact us and we can confirm what type of camera would be compatible.

Do I need the internet to work?

No, you can run the system straight into a router, but you don’t need the internet to view it locally. If you wanted to see the footage remotely then you will need a good broadband connection ie 100mbps. (BT infinity)

Can I stream directly from the router?

Yes, you can allow your router to push the video onto the web. You may need someone to look at your router to allow it to share the video stream. Streaming directly is perfect for one or two private visitors. If you want the signal to be viewed by many then you should consider a LIVE streaming service. This will allow you to push the HD video and embed into a website etc.

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Additional information

Weight N/A
Camera type

2MP Fixed focus outdoor, 2MP Vari focal outdoor, 3MP Mini dome, 4K Vari focal outdoor, 8k Vari focal outdoor

NVR recorder

No recorder, 4k with 1TB, 4K with 4TB

Solar monitor

No monitor, Solar monitor


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