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Owl and birds of prey HD wifi monitoring kit

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Watching owls nesting and raising a brood is one of the best things ever. They are super intelligent birds and so much fun to watch and hear too. Most owl boxes are in remote locations, either in an old tree at the end of the field or a barn that has no power. Don’t worry, we have developed a fantastic kit, that allow you to enjoy and monitor your owls without disturbing them.

The benefit

  • Quick monitoring in remote locations
  • View and record without disturbance

Ideal for

  • Enjoyment with friends and family
  • Monitoring
  • Ecological surveys

How it works
The kit is simple to use and install. All you do is:

  • Pop the HD camera in the box. Hang the power cable out of the box to the base of the tree.
  • Plug in the transmitter and the battery
  • View and record the LIVE footage on your mobile, tablet, laptop – Mac and Android compatible
    Once the footage is recorded you can then use that footage for editing or showing friends and relatives.

Monitoring diagram

The kit
The kit has been chosen from high quality technology. It consists of:

  • 1 x 4MP HD IP camera with night vision and sound*
  • 1 x digital transmitter – Creating your own WIFI upto 100m
  • 1 x 12v rechargeable battery – Allowing you to power the camera
  • 1 x mains battery charger
  • 1 x battery to DC cable

Quality, reliability and flexibility
The system has been chosen for high quality, reliability and flexibility. There are many IP cameras, but not are all the same. This camera is especially modified and configured HIKvision camera. They are the biggest CCTV seller in the world. We have supplied their cameras as they give many extra benefits.

  • Control the quality of footage
  • Change the frame rate to reduce recording time
  • Change the quality of picture ie colour, balance etc
  • Change the name imprint on the camera
  • Versatility across devices – Fully compatible with PC and Mac phones, tablets and computers

Years of enjoyment
We are getting a lot of people wanting to enjoy their owls or raptors. Many go on to register their box with the Barn Owl Trust monitoring scheme. Please do so, by contacting them or looking here. This way, we can have a better understanding of numbers and what we can do to help.

The system is a fantastic way to enjoy and monitor your birds. We have had them used on indoor and outdoor boxes, platforms, open nests and lots more.

Monitor more than owls
It is perfect for all ages and ideal for:

  • Barn owls monitoring
  • Tawny Owl monitoring
  • Peregrine monitoring
  • Gos Hawk monitoring
  • Buzzard monitoring
  • Many more….

Why have it transmit to your phone rather than a viewer?
We did have a version with a separate viewer. However, we found that most people had a smart phone and were used to using it. This way there is less to learn and more to enjoy.

Why is the transmitter separate to the camera?
The idea with the separate transmitter is that you can move the transmitter nearer to you, away from the box. Sometimes the box is a woodland and you need to move away from the box to allow little disturbance. Also, with the a separate transmitter, it can be used with various cameras.

What power does the system run on?
The owl monitoring kit runs on 12v. This is plugged into a 12v battery that you carry around

How long does the system run for?
We have tested the system and it can run for about 8hrs on continuous use. Maybe less in IR mode.

How much is the app?
The apps are free to use and downloadable from Apple and Play stores.

Can the camera be used outdoors?
Yes the camera can be used outdoors.

Can I record the footage?
Yes you can record either on the camera with mini SD card or manually with your app.

I live outside the UK, will it work.
Certainly the kit in international and will work anywhere.

The system is substantial, why the price?
The system has been chosen to be high quality, flexible and portable as possible. By choosing the best camera, transmitter system, this will work in many locations and most locations. Beware of lesser cameras and technology as you will be constantly fiddling or trying get to work. This system is proven and gives you peace of mind and quality.

I would like to pop this into an Owl box, where do I get one?
Yes you can get fantastic owl boxes from our friends at the Barn Owl Trust. The camera will fit in easily and give you stunning footage.

Why choose these cameras?
The cameras are chosen for their exceptional quality and gives the ability to control the image quality, picture quality, IR timing, compression, audio settings. Please see pictures enclosed for examples of settings. These cameras have specially modified for nest use.

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