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LIVE streaming packages


LIVE streaming is the future. Here at handykam.com we have working with streaming technology for over 10 years. We are happy to get you started on FREE streaming, all the way to dedicated systems. Have a look at the options below and contact us for the best packages around.

CCTV camera


No software or hardware needed. IP camera + web connection + go


Connects easily Works very well

mobile phone EASY

Viewable anywhere See and enjoy anywhere

The streams are designed mainly for IP cameras. If you wanted to stream an analogue signal, then you will need an encloder. Please contact us about this. We have many packages available, including a FREE one! Check them out below – How good are these?


  • 1000 concurrent viewers
  • h.264 + MJPEG support
  • Supporting high resolution * Live audio
  • Responsive player for any device
  • Camera Status notifications
  • Accessible from desktop & mobile
  • Live Chat & Email Support

Yes! £0 per month


All Free plan features +

  • No ads on stream page
  • Password protection
  • Branded video
  • Google Analytics

Little as £5 per month


All Standard plan features +

  • Player embedding
  • Domain lock stream protection
  • Custom domain address

Little as £25 per per month

Streaming is the future

Streaming is the best way to share your natural world with others. There is nothing better than popping back to LIVE stream and seeing an amazing bit of a natural history in front of your very eyes.


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