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Inspection camera – drain, pipe, chimney, boiler, train, surveying camera

£1,395.95 £1,195.95 Inc VAT (£996.63 Ex VAT)


NEW – High quality, fully portable inspection surveying kit with special recording features.

Surveying drains, chimneys, buildings can be made a lot easier with the new Handykam inspection camera. With this kit you will be able to view, fix and report problems in a fraction of time and without breaking the budget too. It is a perfect solution for most applications and industries.

Camera surveying made easy…

Sometimes a problem develops and you need to solve it quickly and easily without the hassle of involving others or hiring expensive equipment. With a inspection kit, all you have to do is pull out your waterproof case, unwind the rugged camera and toughened cable and you are inspecting in minutes. There are so many uses.

  • Saves time and money
  • Incredible value – Pays for itself quickly
  • Easy to use for most situations

1001 practical and commercial uses

  • Drain survey inspection
  • Roof and chimney surveys inspection
  • Pipes and tunnels survey inspection
  • Boiler engine inspection survey inspection
  • Machinery inspection
  • Wiring surveys survey inspection
  • Health and safety checks survey inspection
  • Structural survey inspection
  • Aerial survey inspection
  • Leak survey inspection
  • Tree survey inspection
  • Cargo rummaging
  • Underwater survey inspection
  • Insurance surveys

Many more…

Inspection camera features

  • Complete robust inspection camera system
  • Digital colour camera on bendable head design
  • 20m flexible cable on a reel
  • SD card recording with buttons
  • On screen metering
  • Battery or mains powered

The camera

All kits come with a robust waterproof colour camera. They are easy to screw and unscrew onto the cable. The camera has a flexible head, so it can be pointed into very tight and awkward places.

The cameras have to following features:

  • 420 line waterproof colour CCD
  • Toughened metal exterior
  • 160mm long, 24mm diameter wide
  • 60°camera vision angle
  • Sapphire glass lens cover
  • 8 Ultra bright, dimmable white lights giving you clear footage
  • Flexible camera head for tight situations
  • 5.5cm flexible spring to help camera around corners
  • Tough robust wiring and internal cable
  • Fully waterproof
  • Sprung connectors
  • -20oF – 120oF operating temp

The monitor

The kit comes with a small portable monitor. It allows you to lift the monitor into a handy position. The key features are:

  • 10″ Monitor positioned inegrated in lid of case
  • 320 (TV) line resolution – (Can record at higher resolution)
  • On/Off switch
  • LED dimmer dial
  • Contrast, brightness dials
  • VCR output
  • Built in USB connector for recording footage
  • Lights for recording, IR and errors

The case

  • Each kit comes in a robust, waterproof case. The case is portable and easy to pull out the van and use it virtually any location.
  • Robust plastic case
  • Waterproof and water seal to help float
  • Heavy duty handle
  • Robust hinges
  • Inset foam for quickly stowing away
  • Around the screen are fold out flaps. This is perfect for viewing the monitor in bright sunlight

The cable reel

The kit comes with standard 20m/66 feet of robust fiberglass optical cable wound onto a rotating stainless steel drum. All you have to do is pull it out the case, connect the camera to the cable and plug into the lid of the box. The cable to virtually tangle free and easily dispensed by holding the handle and reeling off the cable. The cable is flexible, allowing you to access around tricky bends and corners. On the cable, there are markers to indicate depth of cable away from camera.

  • Flexible 20m fiberglass cable
  • Stainless steel spinnable drum
  • 35cm diameter with 13cm rubber handle
  • Installs in minutes

Easy to use and install

The kit is extremely easy to install in minutes. Unlike most systems today, this inspection kit can be carried around and used in some of the tightest spots. All you have to do is:

  • Pull your inspection kit out your van.
  • Flip the latches and open the lid.
  • Pull the reel and monitor out to each other.
  • Connect the reel to the battery or the power.
  • Push the on button on the monitor to turn on.
  • Start your inspection. Press record if you want to document recording.
  • Its that easy – No complicated settings, manuals or procedures.

Battery, cable, charger and instructions

The system can run off the mains or battery. The kit comes with a li-ion battery that holds 8hrs charge. It can be charged up with the power supply. The battery has a charging indication. The kit also comes with a cable to connect the reel to the monitor. The system comes with full instructions on how to use the camera system.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg


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