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Farm CCTV can help solve crime concerns

by hk

2020 is expecting to see rise in rural crime. As police report on stretched resources and ever increasing crime statistics, there is no better time to consider CCTV. The biggest concerns over the next 12 months are:

  • Farm trespass and unauthorised access
  • Farm fly-tipping and commercial dumping
  • Farm hare coursing
  • Farm machinery theft
  • Farm vandalism
  • Farm livestock issues and theft
  • Farm crime and casual theft
  • Other

Having a high quality farm CCTV instantly helps create awareness, reduce crime as well as help get crucial evidence. This gives you total peace of mind and helps the time stretched police to speed up prosecution. The more hassle there is, the more crime reduces.

With over 1000+ cameras to choose from and the best and latest technology, we can choose the best system for you and your budget. We have many years experience with this technology and installing them on farms.

Please contact us  on 01209 313 579 today about your farm CCTV needs.

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