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Customer clips – Please send us your footage

by hk

We at handykam.com are always interested in your footage. We love to see what you have recorded with your cameras.

Good or bad, please send us your footage, photos, pictures of your setup etc. Randomly every month, we will choose one and send a prize.

Send us your files via FREE service wetransfer website. We transfer is like e-mail, but instead of sending large files through emails, it temporarily stores the files for us to download. Once sent, we will get an e-mail and can download your files. Here is how it works (print it out if this helps):

  1. Get videos, images or files ready on your computer
  2. Use browser and go https://wetransfer.com/ 
  3. Click on ‘Take me to free’ button
  4. Click on Add files (plus) button and add the files from your computer.
  5. Enter our email address into the ’email to’ box (email address below):
  6. Enter your email address
  7. Write a short message in the message box and click ‘transfer’ button.

Thank you, please get sending and you may win. Go for it today. We would love to see.

HK team

* By sending the files, we may use the footage to show and inspire others. We will never give out exact locations and abbreviate names to protect identity unless stated otherwise.


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