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Construction and events

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We supply various time-lapse and CCTV systems for construction and events. They are great way to compress a complex project into a short space of time. Why not have a live stream too. We’re here to help.

We offer a full range of time-lapse, or live streaming camera technology for:

  • Construction and renovation projects
  • Event setups
  • Film set construction
  • Landscaping and design

The beauty with the new technology, you can have both a time-lapse as well as streamed video at the same time. Please contact us for more information about this on 01209 313 579.

Choosing the best technology combination for you

At handykam.com we manufacture our own cameras and technology, however there technology that simply cannot produced due to economies of scale. In the construction industry there are requirements that may require the perfect technology selection. We have a wide range of partners and suppliers to choose from. Here is a selection that we can choose from. Partners and suppliers

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