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Camera sourcing and procurement

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Looking to source the best camera technology, manufacturer for your business, organisation or creative innovation? No problem… from our extensive contacts, experience, we can help you find the best connections, helping save you time and resources.

We have over 10 years camera sourcing and development experience in camera optics. Our technology has then been used by some of the most distinguished business and organisations and we are now happy to help assist you too.


Camera contacts


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Strategic sourcing

We can help you:

  • Source the perfect camera, technology or suppliers.
  • Drive quality up and costs down
  • Develop long term supplier relationship from our extensive contacts

100% effort for you, 100% supplier neutral

As a business with over 20 years trading history, we understand the importance of finding the right partner, investing in the right technology for the right purpose. Every client, every project or product is different. We listen your needs, your requirements and find the best possible camera technology for now and the future. We are vendor neutral too, helping us focus on your needs first.

A experienced partner for your sourcing

In a global world, there are many companies selling camera technology. Finding and choosing the best, can super hard, costly and a risky process. We are here to:

Saves you time

Saves resources

Reduce risk

Whatever your industry or need

We can help source cameras for any need or industry. Whether for components, expertise or a service covering all industries:

  • Retail
  • Science and education
  • Electronics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Construction
  • Energy
  • Leisure and tourism
  • Textiles
  • Manufacturing
  • Transport and logistics
  • Agriculture and food
  • More

Helping you at every level

Whatever level of business you are looking for –  OEM, distributer, institution and research, retailer, consumer, we can help.

Value added sourcing from handykam.com

We are passionate about camera technology and have years of experience in cameras technology,  development as well as business experience. Whatever stage in your camera procurement journey, we aim to find you the best options possible, adding value at every point. Whether you want quick connections to long term analysis and support, give us a call and we will be happy to help assist you.

Perfect sourcing

Sourcing cameras

Camera types

  • CCTV sourcing
  • Machine vision camera sourcing
  • Underwater camera sourcing
  • Research camera sourcing
  • Drone camera sourcing
  • Covert camera sourcing
  • VR camera sourcing
  • DSLR camera sourcing
  • 2d camera sourcing
  • Construction camera sourcing
  • Action camera sourcing
  • Body camera sourcing
  • Dashcam sourcing
  • Safety camera sourcing
  • Digital camera sourcing
  • Helmet camera sourcing
  • Hidden camera sourcing
  • IP camera sourcing
  • Pocket camera sourcing
  • Mobile phone camera sourcing
  • Remote camera sourcing
  • Trail camera sourcing
  • Thermographic camera sourcing
  • Webcam sourcing
  • Video cameras sourcing
  • Time-of-flight camera sourcing
  • Medical camera sourcing
  • Lots more….

Camera technology

  • Board camera sourcing
  • Camera module sourcing
  • Camera sensor sourcing
  • Wifi cameras sourcing
  • Thermal camera sourcing

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How do you work?
First, we try to understand your business and technical requirements. This is normally either through e-mail, survey or phone/video call. We then use a range of analysis techniques to match and refine the search to specific suppliers. We then contact our contacts and confirm and match or exceed your requirements. We then produce a mini analysis report sheet. Once you have this report, you are free to contact them directly and get underway with discussions. We won’t disclose your details at any stage.

How quickly can you source suppliers?
We have thousands of suppliers available. The secret is to find the right match. We believe in fully understanding your needs and work fast in an agile framework. Depending on the complexity, we can have results in days or more complex sourcing in weeks. Please contact us about your requirements and we can give a more accurate timescale. We can either work in phases.

Is the service confidential?
Yes, all information and work in strictest in confidence. We will always approach suppliers with requirements and will never give details unless clients are happy. We are happy to work under strict NDA’s or agreements. Our aim is to be an ally, analyst, advisor and champion for you.

How much does the service cost?
We believe in giving the best possible bespoke service. We have a range of products and services on a per analysis basis. Please contact us for a the latest prices.

Why use a sourcing service?
In the camera industry there are hundreds of thousands of camera companies. We have spent many years building up technical knowledge and contacts. We then look a many parameters to get a good match. We then double check everything is suited for your requirements. This way you get direct connections,  fine tune your search, saving you time and resources. We are 100% neutral and work on your behalf and our aim is to give you maximum ROI. A small investment can yield huge returns.

I have already got good products why do I need a sourcing service?
Most products and suppliers have a definitive life cycle. Depending on the industry, this can be short or long. However, you should always looking at newer products and supplier options to make sure of continual growth and risk reduction. Also keeping an eye on camera products you will can spot new opportunities and make sure you ahead of the curve. The return will far out way any little investment.

Do you search the latest companies?
Yes, we constantly look for new companies and technology to add to our contacts. A big part of what we do is look at the latest technology as this will allow us to learn more and give our clients the best and latest advice.

I have an idea for a product and I don’t know if you can get a camera?
Certainly, most camera technology has many applications. By enquiring, we will be able to find the best suppliers for your application.

Please contact us today

We can see how we can help you save time and resources.